Monday, September 30, 2002

Doing more packing today. Cleaning bookshelves and trying to narrow down 5 bookcases worth of book into 2. That's going to be tough.Since I started talking about the beginning, I thought it'd be interesting to backtrack over the next couple of entries and go over the highlights from each month. I already regret not starting a diary from day one. Although I can remember everything, I miss out on the emotion of the time.

August-September, 2002
Made up my mind to drop everything and write my first novel. Can I do it? Don't know. Never written anything as massive as a 300 page document before, EVER. Went to the Writer's Conference in Columbus and sat in on my first seminars. I was informed to get the self-publishing bibles from Ponter and the Ross'. From what I'm learning, this is the route I think I'm going to go. I'd definitely do it all myself though. I know it's harder, but unless I'm with a traditional publisher, I can't see giving up rights to somebody else. I'd rather learn it and do it myself because I'd have better control over everything. Mom always said I was a passively bossy person.