Sunday, June 13, 2004

Ever have two different emotions running through you at the same time? Ha! Ha! That's what I'm feeling right now. Wait, not 2 different emotions, but several.

I'm happy that Counting Raindrops is still being well received wherever I go. It is so great to be in the third print run and to actually see people excited about taking a chance and purchasing a first novel from someone they've never read before. And it's a greater feeling when I go out now and people tell me they've heard of it or have seen info or news on it. And they want to get it right away. And want my autograph to boot! That's still something that's hard to believe. That people want my autograph. LOL

I'm excited because the more I sell, the closer I get to realizing my charity drive goal. That has more meaning to me right now than anything. I'm four months in and half-way to my goal and totally thrilled! Knowing that I can do something positive while sharing something I love is like having my cake and eating it too!

Well, but I'm also tired. I'm not going to lie, traveling every weekend, then pounding the pavement daily when I'm home ain't no joke. It's tiring, it's draining. Sometimes, I just don't feel like smiling. But I have to in order to sell the book. I have to be enthusiastic about it because if I'm not, people are less likely to buy. And it's so funny that I left my job because of all the travel. I'm traveling just as much now. But the funny thing is that I love what I'm doing and this nowhere near compares to the stressful travel that I had before. This time, I'm not going through two bottles of Tylenol a month--almost on a daily basis, in the morning with my coffee I would have Tylenol. Sheesh! I work more hours now, but I'm not that stressed to where Tylenol is my meal now.

My days consist of running up my phone bill, tracking down distributors and bookstores to try to get paid for books sold. Then, I'm making travel arrangements, and preparing promotional materials for the next signing. On top of that, there's ALWAYS some unplanned request or event that happens and I need to drop everything to get that done. Whether it's an interview request, a new opportunity to promote and/or sell, etc. Whatever. Something always comes up to throw off the schedule, but I have to stop to do it because it's linked to more book sales. And that's the name of the game right now.

Oh, yeah, then I'm trying to write books! LOL There's a lot to do and I'm tired. But I keep pressing because I know that I'm paying my dues now and it will pay off in the long run. Nothing worthwhile comes easy. You gotta lay a foundation and put in some work to be able to reap benefits in the end. I know this, but doesn't mean I like every part of it! LOL It's rough at times, but hey, I can take it.