Saturday, January 29, 2005

Finally got my contract! Whew, I tell you. This is a mighty long process. The contract looks good. I had previously bought a couple of references on first contracts for writers. Guess I was kinda hoping for this day way back when. But anyway, it appears that my publisher has done right by me. I think this is going to be one fine partnership. So, anyway, as soon as I hear back from the attorney who will explain the legal language in terms I can understand, it's on to the next stage. I'm so much looking forward to getting things squared away. I'm finding it hard to really focus on writing when I have things hanging over my head. It's funny how issues can creep there way into your mind when you're trying hard to focus on something else.

Speaking of that though, I'm doing good with some of the changes I made in my life. I think I hit that mid-life crisis thing I hear about all the time. I started searching for spiritual enlightenment, which I found and I'm still learning. But mediation is something that helps me to clear my mind and focus better. Ahhh, but still, even that, you have to practice. :-)

I became a vegetarian two months or so ago and I'm feeling great. I don't have any cravings for meat because I was never a big meat eater anyway. I'd take a bowl of cereal over a steak any day! LOL But I'm feeling much better and I'm um...regular. LOL Now I'm trying to learn how to eat right. How to get enough protein and fiber and lower my carb intake. Yep, I'm trying to lose 15 pounds too. I keep saying 15 pounds even though I've lost weight, but the goal somehow stays the same. I want to look better when I mount my Ninja 600 this Spring. I'm buying a bike and my cousin's going to teach me to ride it. Been wanting to learn to ride a bike for a long time and I'm finally going to get one. So, is that a mid-life crisis thing or what? LOL