Friday, January 24, 2003

January, 2003
Wrote first sentence to Counting Raindrops through a Stained Glass Window. Got the first five chapters written. This is really flowing. Got my Elements of Style that I'm keeping by my side and it's still hard trying to figure out what's wrong and what's right. I think I'm going to just write and let the editor worry about that. Speaking of, I picked up an editor to work with me chapter by chapter. I set a goal of four months to have the first draft written. I created detailed character profiles and that's helping me to write about them easily.Researched the web and found a designer in New York to do my cover. He did a cover for Lolita Files' Blind Ambitions. I want my cover to represent the settings of St. Louis and Cleveland and I think girls in football jerseys will best represent that. He already did my company logo and we're going through the first drafts of the cover.