Saturday, May 31, 2003

May, 2003
Okay, I re-adjusted my schedule. Maybe wriiting a 300 page novel in five months was a little unrealistic anyway. Got a lot written this month. Developing the story hasn't been the problem. When I'm writing, it flows. As a matter of fact, subplots have worked their way into the outline (which I've adjusted so many times), and the characters really do take over the story. I used to think that writers were so full of crap when they said that! LOL You know what? It's TRUE.Started my website this month. My target date to publish was October, 2003 so this gives me 5 months to try to get the word out so that when it comes out, people are aware and want to buy it. I emailed a few well known authors announcing myself as a new writer. To my surprise, some of them actually emailed me back with words of encouragement or even offerings for me to keep in touch or ask any questions. Now THAT, I didn't expect. I'm keeping in touch with a few. I staked out one popular writer's booksigning. I wanted to see and take notes of how his signings were done. He was cool. I must have stayed 30 to 45 minutes after everyone left and he answered EVERY question I could think of. Gave me his email address to keep in touch. That was cool.