Monday, November 22, 2004

Yesterday, I just finished my first round of edits on Counting Raindrops. The way I see it, I have two more rounds to go. I was quite surprised that Leslie, my editor, didn’t change a whole lot. There were quite a few clean and untouched pages! LOL I guess I was expecting changes and red marks everywhere! In this first round, I just went through and incorporated the line edits (word changes, punctuation, etc.). In round two, I’ll create the story changes agreed on with the editor. In round three, I’ll incorporate my own story enhancements.
The publisher and editor kept saying how much they loved the story. Hmmm…I guess they really did! LOL The funny thing is that there are a few things that I plan to change or, I should say, enhance. I was surprised that these didn’t come up with the editor. Maybe I’m harder on myself than others? I don’t know. On the other hand, some of the ideas from enhancement are actually from readers. There are two things that I heard from almost EVERYONE who read the book and I want to touch on that a little more in the re-writes. I’m so thankful for this opportunity. While self-publishing has been hard, I think this is one of the advantages. As a first time novelist, I’ve had a chance to “test” my product with the readers and get their feedback. While you can NEVER write a story that will please everyone, I do have the opportunity to strengthen areas that were pointed out by a majority of the readers.


Friday, November 12, 2004

Man! So much going on! Well, I decided to move back home to St. Louis. It was either home to St. Louis, to Baltimore, or to Atlanta. I chose St. Louis for personal reasons. It’s time to go back home. So, I’m in transition now. Also, since I’ve ended the book tour, I’ve taken on a job. NOT ENGINEERING!!! If I never work another day as an Engineer, it will be a blessing. No, I actually had to hide my engineering degree so I could get a support type job. I don’t want anything heavy. Just something that will sustain me and allow me the freedom to let my creativity flow and expand throughout the day. An 8 – 5 is what I want! LOL So, I’m a “marketing administrator” for an engineering company (purely coincidence) that has no idea that I have a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. Thank goodness I chose a pen name too! I was overheard talking to my agent and someone asked me if I was an author. I explained that I just got a book deal. But if they do a search on my real name, they won’t find anything. J Unless somebody out smarts me somehow. Naaahhhh!!!! LOL

Still waiting on the contract. Even though I know the deal’s official, I’d still feel comfortable after having a signed agreement. I received Hyperion’s author profile that I’m to fill out for the publicity department. Whew! Never knew there was so much information I could give about myself and my book! Edits are due December 1st and I don’t even have it back from the editor yet. I put in a frantic call to my agent to explain my fears. I was worried that if I didn’t get it in by December 1st, that my contract would become null and void and I’d be sentenced to being on the road forever selling my self-published version. But she assured me that wouldn’t happen. I just got word that it was sent to me over night so I will pick it up today and take a look. If it’s a lot, we may have to ask for more time which my agent says shouldn’t be a problem. Whew! Now my next worry, or I should say thought, is now much of a hack job was done on my story? Actually, I’m looking forward to input and want to change the story a little. I’m wonder if my agent Leslie’s changes are the same as the ones I’m thinking. I’ll find out tonight!