Tuesday, September 30, 2003

September, 2003
Had to get rid of the publicist. Seemed like I was still doing all the work, but just added on paying someone. And then I got a press kit back that looked like a 3rd grader's school project. I was so hurt. Hurt because I shelled out hundreds of dollars. There was no way I could send out that press kit. Plus, my galleys went out 3 weeks later than agreed on and I don't have a reason why. I figured since I'm doing the work anyway, I needed to fire the publicist and just do it all myself. Didn't know how, but I created my own press kit. Imagine how I felt when the first feedback I got was from someone who said, "NOW THAT'S A PRESS KIT!!!" Made everything worthwhile.Pushing the publication date back to November now. With editing/proofreading, then typesetting and proofreading, then going to print, it's not going to be ready by next month.