Sunday, January 01, 2012


This may be the most excited I've ever been about ushering in a new year. The past two years have been somewhat of a trial for me. Not in the worst way, as I believe there are others who have faced more dire circumstances and I thank God daily for watching over me. However, a challenge to me is any change in life that gives you pause or confuses you on what to do or what direction to take. And it's a great feeling when you emerge from that place of confusion feeling lighter, feeling like you can fly.

2011 and Before

During the same time I was dealing with fibroids and the surgery, my body triggered an autoimmune reaction to gluten, only I didn't realize it until about six months ago in June 2011. Before surgery, I remembered trying to lose ten pounds through a low-carb, high protein, diet and 5-6 day a week workout program. And instead, I started gaining weight. No, not muscle....weight. I got so frustrated that I just stopped. The next time I got on the scale at the doctors office, that extra ten turned into an extra 20 with no overeating. And I kept gaining. That's when it got scary. Because I was steadily gaining weight with no understanding of how or how not to gain. Once more, the less calories I ate, the more I gained by throwing off my metabolism. It was a miserable two years.

In addition to the weight gain was all the symptoms that came along with hypothyroidism, except the abnormal lab results. My condition was like Hashimoto's, except I couldn't even get that diagnosis--although there was agreement that something was going on. With no help from Endocrinologists, I researched and connected with others with this issue and discovered the gluten connection. I went gluten free in June 2011. Since then, I've never felt better. Lost about 20 pounds so far, gained my energy back and the pain has greatly reduced. In October, I joined a running group, Black Girls Run. Went from walking to running my first 5K on Thanksgiving Day and my first 10K on December 17th. After dealing with the fibroids and the autoimmune thyroditis issue, this is the best that I've felt in a long time.

2011 also brought me the purchase of my first stand alone house. I purchased a condo when I was in Cincinnati and felt like it was my biggest regret. I didn't like the city and said I would never purchase a home again unless I was sure I loved the area. Well now, I do. And now, I'm excited about filling my new home and adding my own personal touches, even though that's a new challenge because I'm design-challenged.

2011 also took me in a new direction with writing, by combining writing and business together. I became a certified professional resume writer and I'm working on resume writing for my new business. Later, I plan to add other business and technical writing. I still will do ghostwriting and will get back to my own personal creative writing, but for now, I'm building.

2012 and Beyond

As we all ushered in 2012, I sat back and reflected on all of this and more. Always thank God for the things he has done in your life, no matter where you are or what you have. Gratitude will open the way for God to bless you even more. I feel great and I'm looking forward to God's blessings in 2012 and beyond.

Like most, I do reflect on ways I want to improve for the new year. Whether you choose to call it resolutions is up to you. I believe that throughout life, we should always look for ways to improve ourselves, no matter what month it is. So for this month, this year, these are my goals and things that I would like to focus on:

  • Get back to volunteering more, at least once a month;
  • Contribute financially to charity, because God has blessed me;
  • Be a blessing to someone else; help/encourage someone else to reach their dreams;
  • Take health and fitness to the next level; understand my body and food and solidify my fitness lifestyle;
  • Daily meditations and scripture readings;
  • Learn more and expand my business;
  • Write more; business, personal stories, blogs, etc.
  • Increase in financial stability.
Whether you call them resolutions or not, I hope that that new year allows you to sit and gather your thoughts and set your focus for the year.