Thursday, September 30, 2004

I’m still doing dates and I’m actually getting tired of doing so. It’s not the events or the people. Once I get there and I meet the ladies (and the occasional men that come out), I’m good. I mean, I love talking to the ladies about their perspectives on the issues in my book, the story, and their opinions in general. It’s awesome to see how others can draw an entirely new idea or thought out of your story. Something you never thought about or intended. Readers pay grave attention to detail too. Sometimes I get questions about the smallest detail, incident, or thought in the book and I don’t know how to answer because I never saw it. LOL And that’s another thing. When I’m writing, it feels like it’s not actually me writing. Something takes over. Other writers call it the characters. I can agree with that, but it’s also like your soul taking over and writing the story. I can recall reading chapters like a week or so after I wrote it and I’m so engrossed because it feels new to me. Like I’m reading it for the first time. Like somebody else wrote it. Sometimes I’m in awe and think, “Did I write that?” Because I honestly don’t remember coming up with the idea. Sometimes I’m thinking that this is crap and it doesn’t flow, so I nix it and start over. But getting back to my point, readers will ask me about something in the story and I actually don’t remember writing it or the specific details, so I have to ask them what happened or what was said. LOL And I know I look strange and maybe they’re wonder if I actually wrote the story. But that’s okay. Because I can actually answer that question, “Yes I did” and “No I didn’t”.