Friday, November 12, 2004

Man! So much going on! Well, I decided to move back home to St. Louis. It was either home to St. Louis, to Baltimore, or to Atlanta. I chose St. Louis for personal reasons. It’s time to go back home. So, I’m in transition now. Also, since I’ve ended the book tour, I’ve taken on a job. NOT ENGINEERING!!! If I never work another day as an Engineer, it will be a blessing. No, I actually had to hide my engineering degree so I could get a support type job. I don’t want anything heavy. Just something that will sustain me and allow me the freedom to let my creativity flow and expand throughout the day. An 8 – 5 is what I want! LOL So, I’m a “marketing administrator” for an engineering company (purely coincidence) that has no idea that I have a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. Thank goodness I chose a pen name too! I was overheard talking to my agent and someone asked me if I was an author. I explained that I just got a book deal. But if they do a search on my real name, they won’t find anything. J Unless somebody out smarts me somehow. Naaahhhh!!!! LOL

Still waiting on the contract. Even though I know the deal’s official, I’d still feel comfortable after having a signed agreement. I received Hyperion’s author profile that I’m to fill out for the publicity department. Whew! Never knew there was so much information I could give about myself and my book! Edits are due December 1st and I don’t even have it back from the editor yet. I put in a frantic call to my agent to explain my fears. I was worried that if I didn’t get it in by December 1st, that my contract would become null and void and I’d be sentenced to being on the road forever selling my self-published version. But she assured me that wouldn’t happen. I just got word that it was sent to me over night so I will pick it up today and take a look. If it’s a lot, we may have to ask for more time which my agent says shouldn’t be a problem. Whew! Now my next worry, or I should say thought, is now much of a hack job was done on my story? Actually, I’m looking forward to input and want to change the story a little. I’m wonder if my agent Leslie’s changes are the same as the ones I’m thinking. I’ll find out tonight!