Monday, December 27, 2004

Re-writes are done! Man, re-writes are more involved than I thought. Not hard, but just more involved. Once you get through the line edits, the real work begins. The toughest thing is to put yourself back in the groove of when you wrote the scene. I needed to feel it. Feel it so I could let the scene re-write its own correction, if you will. Like I said, it wasn’t hard, just more involved than I thought it ever would be. But it’s done. So, now I’m working on 2 novellas that I’ve been working off and on it seems like forever. And I’m starting all over with novel #2. I’ve been back and forth so much that I feel like I need to start fresh from scratch.

The book has been pushed back to a release date of March, 2005. Normally, I think any writer would be upset because, especially after you self-publish a book, you want it to come out as soon as possible so you won’t be forgotten. But I need a break! LOL I’m not worried about losing what audience I did build up because I feel like I can get my name out there again. But I’m just tired! I’ve been on the road with this book thing for the past two years straight. It would be so great to have a year where I can do nothing but sit back and read and write. And that’s exactly what I plan to do: write and get some stories stocked up. Plus this will give me a chance to finally put the writing organization together (StL Writers of Color) and make headway with the literacy non-profit agency. I also want to get out in St. Louis to mix, mingle, and support local artists and businesses. That’ll also help me to network and build up a St. Louis following as well. I’m sure I’ll do events here and there, but I’m not planning on any tour this year.
Still moving. LOL Finally moving into and living out of my St. Louis apartment this Thursday, although I won’t have all my furniture and stuff until the end of January. That’s cool though. It’s been a blessing to live with family in St. Louis but I’m dying to have my own space again. I like being alone and having my own space. Do what I want to do. Some people get lonely when they’re alone. I never understood that. I can be alone for weeks at a time and love it. Mainly because I’m either reading books or writing. Matter of fact, that’s one of the things that scares me about getting married. That means you have to live with someone forever. Like, share a space permanently. Too bad you can’t get married but have separate houses. Or can you??? Hmmmm….