Sunday, November 20, 2005

Okay, I dropped in because I know I've been on an unofficial and unannounced hiatus. LOL As you can probably guess, I'm overloaded with stuff. I'm finishing up a short story and I have my last booksigning this weekend in Baltimore. By chance, if you're there, and you were planning on coming out, please note that my Sunday signing at Urban Knowledge has been changed to Friday from 6 - 8 PM.

So, this time, I'm going to officially say that I'll be on hiatus until round about December 1st (I'll post the contest winners to the blog).

Oh, and speaking of Thanksgiving, I'm going to be on the road, driving to Baltimore on Thanksgiving day. But, before I go, I'm going to hang out with my new MC family, as they volunteer to serve Thanksgiving dinner at the Larry Rice Center (in St. Louis). Yep, that's right. Last week, I became a prospect member of a motorcycle club.

So, last week, they spent time volunteering with the Feed the City program. This Thursday, I'll joined them for a few hours to serve Thanksgiving dinner to many St. Louis families in need. I love what they do and I'm extremely happy to be able to join in and be part of it all. There are so many families here and elsewhere who are not able to gather together and have a meal with their own. I want nothing more than to be able to share a part of my day and spend time with others on that day of thanks.

Well, I'm out for a little while, so, everyone enjoy your Thanksgiving!!!!


princessdominique Sun Nov 20, 03:13:00 PM EST  

Cherlyn why does "can't stop won't stop" come to mind! Enjoy your holiday and then kick back and relax.

bohemVibe Mon Nov 21, 10:17:00 AM EST  

Hey Cherlyn, thats a great couse, Feed the City. Glad you dropped in to let us know whats going on in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

LadyLee Tue Nov 22, 11:05:00 AM EST  

Superwoman, enjoy your holiday and have a safe trip!

Gayle Daniels Fri Nov 25, 09:52:00 AM EST  

Hi Soror Cherlyn,
Glad to hear you made it back from the ATL. I truly enjoyed speaking with you during the booksigning. I'll truly enjoying Alton and Miss Vanella Morris. Continue to be a blessing to those in need. Take care.

Author Gayle Daniels
"10 Most Common Prayer Mistakes and How to Avoid Them"

Marcus Harris Sat Nov 26, 08:23:00 PM EST  

Have a great time, Twin, and enjoy your hiatus. You definitely deserve it.

Sunny Mon Nov 28, 04:54:00 PM EST  

Glad to meet another Diva Rider that enjoys both a motorcycle and a good book!

Peace & Blessings,