Monday, October 23, 2006

When you start a new venture, EVERYTHING is exciting about it. Because you're full of enthusiasm because it's all new and fresh. Like starting a new job. That first day, that first week, or that first month, everything is all good. Until you've been through it before and you discover what you dislike about it. You discover which tasks are mundane and which ones you actually might even hate after you've gone through it a few times.

The literary world is the same. Yes, I love writing and I love publishing and promoting. When I self published Counting Raindrops, everything was new. It was fresh. It was exciting. I loved writing the book. I loved putting it together, soliciting to get bookstores and libraries to order it, promoting it, selling it, getting myself involved in literary events, traveling, etc., etc., etc. Loved it all. Even when I sold Counting to Hyperion. It was still exciting. It was new and I loved every bit of it. Same book, but re-done, so, a fresher product. And now, under a traditional publisher. So...exciting. Less stuff to do, because a publisher is involved now. But more stuff to consult on.

And now, here we come to the second book. I took time away from the literary world to enjoy life. I got out of the flow of things. I'm hopping back in and going back to what I did before. Planning publicity and promotion, consulting with the publisher and writing the third book. Only, this time it feels different. I've been down this road twice before and I'm discovering the things that I really don't care for. Can't say I hate any of it. But now, I'm finding myself wishing I could just sit back and write. Read and write. Study the craft, and write better. But a writer can't do that. Well, I can if I'm not concerned about selling a lot and having a full-time writing career.

This weekend, I got so into a book. I'm reading Quicksand by Nella Larsen and I love the narrative. I didn't want to put the book down. And when I did put the book down, I immediately wanted to start writing. But I couldn't because there were things on my list that I had to get done for the second book. It's very frustrating to have a fire burning within you, but you can't tend to it. You have to put it aside and hope that it's there burning when you get back. And it's the beginning of the week and your weekdays are long and you know you'll have only an hour or two here and there until the weekend comes again, but you have plans already for the weekend and there's not going to be much time for writing which means another week with scattered hours until the next weekend and...sigh....

Just feeling a little frustrated at the moment....


writerwritz Thu Oct 26, 08:17:00 AM EDT  

It's ok to feel a frustrated. You come a long way so don't forget to take your "me time".
Congratulations on your success!

Rose Fri Oct 27, 12:09:00 AM EDT  

Take your "me" time as you did. You are about to get into the grime of things again with traveling and publicity. I know you have that next story in your head waiting to be told.

LadyLee Fri Oct 27, 09:30:00 AM EDT  

I am glad that you took your "me" time. Burnout can be a mutha... That frustration is not there forever. It too shall pass!

All I know... I loved Counting Raindrops, and I can't wait for First Fridays to drop! You are such an incredible writer!

Joel McIver Fri Nov 03, 07:06:00 PM EST  

I couldn't have put the thoughts and emotions better. Trust me, I can relate, but when I start to have those feelings, I remind myself-I'm on my way to living out my dream and it helps a little.
It's funny that our writings paths have run such a paralell line. I'm happy for your success and anticipate so much more of it for you. Keep your chin up kid!

MsJayy Sun Nov 05, 04:26:00 PM EST  

*Sigh* There's the rub - you're itching to write but other things call you. I'm sure you'll work it out. Can't wait to get my copy of "First Fridays". Keep rising Sis!

Cherlyn Michaels Fri Nov 10, 09:44:00 AM EST  

Hey Writerwritz and Rose,

Thanks for the encouraging words. Wow! Things are so busy. But I've been doing this for a while now and no, I'm not going to quit now. I actually couldn't if I wanted to. :-)

Cherlyn Michaels Fri Nov 10, 09:46:00 AM EST  

Hey Ladylee,

What's up Lady?! Yeah, I am glad I took time off to just do me. It was refreshing and now I can concentrate on what I'm doing. Thanks for the compliments on my writing. When you do get a chance to pick up First Fridays, you know you gotta let me know what you think, right? :-) I hope you like it just as much as the first.

Cherlyn Michaels Fri Nov 10, 09:49:00 AM EST  

Hey Joel,

Congrats on your novel too! Yeah, I know you know exactly what I'm going through and what I'm feeling. But you're right. We're on our way to fulfilling a dream. That thought keeps me going too. Best wishes in your endeavors!

Cherlyn Michaels Fri Nov 10, 09:53:00 AM EST  

Hey MsJayy,

Oh it's CRAZY!!!! As a writer, you know how it is when you get all these thoughts in your head and you're dying to take the time out to mold in and shape it on paper. It's like being 8 years old and it's 9pm XMas Eve or the day of your birthday and you want to open your presents NOW. That same feeling of anxiousness and excitement is there. And imagine not being able to satisfy that excitment. So, it's like you're on a constant emotional high. It can be draining and frustrating. LOL But I'm getting it worked out. Thankfully. :-) Hope you enjoy First Fridays and thanks so much for the encouragement!