Sunday, January 07, 2007

My page is finished!!! Check out my Myspace Page. Let me know what you think about it. If you're on Myspace too, hit me up and let's be friends! I know it took me a long time to get around to getting one done, but I've been on it ever since! It takes awhile sometimes for me to get with the latest program. LOL But check in with me there too. I plan to keep this blog and talk about my writing/publishing experience only. But there, I may talk about that, plus any other literary related thing that's going on. Check it out!

Well, so I'm back doing the promotion thing now. With the first book, I was in Cleveland and I did a lot of internet publicity, and ads, and did fairly well. However, this time, my strategy is to hit up the hometown and get word out on the street about me as a hometown author. It's easier to do that now that I'm here in the city. My first promotions was to hit attend our local First Fridays event and get word out. Now, usually, I'm shy and not very good about approaching people and starting discussions. But one thing I'm noticing, since joining a motorcycle club, I seem to be coming out of my shy shell. What?! Say it ain't so! LOL It's funny when you find out what it takes to get you to change. I'd taken public speaking classes and considered Toastmasters...who knew that all I needed to do was become a biker. LOL There's no such thing as being shy around bikers. They will make you talk, make you dance, and just make you be sociable. So much to the point where you're like, to heck with it. And you're always at functions where you no one knows each other but in 15 minutes, you will know everybody in the room! So, I've gotten a lot better at approaching people and I was able to do so Friday night. A lot of ladies were very receptive, especially since the book was called First Fridays. Hope they show up to the book release party! So, after I passed out my promotional business cards, I waited until the party got going, then I went to the parking garage to hit up everybody's cars, just in case I missed them. LOL Yeah, it's on again.


Nevah~ Tue Jan 09, 04:06:00 AM EST  

Congratulations! I like your page, eventually I'll start a Myspace and add you as my friend if you sooo kindly accept. And, I'm looking forward in reading your new release.

Happy New Years!!!

Cherlyn Michaels Wed Jan 10, 10:18:00 AM EST  

Thanks Nevah! Happy New Year to you as well! And let me tell you, it's addictive too. There's a lot more that I want to add, but I got to find the time to do it. Yes, let me know when you do yours so we can link up! If you do pick up my novel, let me know what you think when you've read it!

Frederick Smith Wed Jan 10, 12:42:00 PM EST  

Happy New Year! And congrats on your publication and promotion work... and the MySpace page. I will add you... I gave in and started a page too :-)

The motorcycle club sounds interesting and fun. I just started reading EJ Dickey's latest, and there's a lot about women's motorcycle clubs in it...

Now I have to get your latest. I will order on Friday... payday! :-)

Rose Sat Jan 13, 12:40:00 AM EST  

I'm just not good at that my space but I'll visit you.

Cherlyn Michaels Tue Jan 16, 10:08:00 PM EST  

Hey Frederick! Thanks for hooking up with me on myspace. I'll be on your page soon to give it a looksey!

Thanks Rose! It's time to get you a page! LOL

Michelle Mon Jan 29, 05:00:00 PM EST  

The MySpace page link you have isn't working! Welcome to MySpace. I'll try to find you and add you as a friend!