Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ah! Finally getting a chance when I can breathe a little. Most of my activities this month are at home, so I’m finally getting to tend to some things during the weekends as well. And yes, while I did have to buy new underwear, I finally found the time to do laundry! LOL I’m telling you….trying to promote, do events, and write a book, all while going through the normal routines of life, is no joke. It ain’t easy. But it’s so true that if it’s your passion, you’ll do it no matter what’s going on around you. I’ve been fortunate to have opportunities to come my way. But even when they come your way, still, a lot of follow through and follow up is required. Sometimes quite a bit of back and forth. Sometimes requiring you to put additional promotional documents together (if you want it promoted). Dozens of phone calls, emails… Trying to create and supply everything needed, which can be different for each event. And then, add to that the event and opportunities you seek on a daily basis, in addition to finding and exposing your work on a daily basis, to readers who are not aware. Doing this on the internet, in addition to going out in your area on foot to network, street team and distribute promotional material at literary events, in stores, the post office, wherever you go and tagging cars…on a DAILY BASIS. Sit and imagine. Imagine how tiring it can be, how you have to squeeze in exercising, fun and relaxation; how while you’re at home alone doing all this, your friends think you’re sleeping or laying on the couch eating bon bons while watching a bootleg movie. Because no one SEES a writer working. Wondering why you don’t pick up the phone to just chit chat, maybe thinking you're just ignoring them. Dishes and bills are piling up and waving at you; the laundry basket is overflowing and if the mold in the fridge continues to grow, it’s going to open the fridge door itself to take a seat on the couch and say, "What's good?". And, because they can’t see all this, your friends say, “You can put it aside ONE day (and they say this every other day) to come hangout until the wee hours of the morning, or party, or go skating, or go on a date, or...etc. And you want to just shake your head, sigh, and say, “You think you know…but you have NO IDEA…”

It’s work, it’s a challenge, and it’s a rush…


Rose Fri Mar 09, 01:22:00 AM EST  

Girl you got my head spinning, but you are so right. Being an author is no joke, and promotion and marketing is tedious, hard and worth it when you see the sales. But I know you are spinning....

1blkquill Mon Mar 12, 12:28:00 PM EDT  

Call me crazy if you like but seem like you're having soooo much fun! I can't wait to join ya and share in the celebration of publishing and meeting all those avid readers and other writers.

MsJayy Wed Mar 21, 08:19:00 PM EDT  

So you're saying that I'll need to learn to be a class-act juggler before it's over with huh? LOL I know it's work (and LOTS of it) but I'm glad you're enjoying it too. That's key!

Cherlyn Michaels Fri Mar 23, 01:44:00 PM EDT  

Hey Rose, yeah, spinning is a good word for it. LOL

1blkquill, it's work you love to do because you're passionate about it. It's hard to keep at something if you don't enjoy it. ;-)

Yeah, MsJayy, that's what I'm saying, exactly! LOL

princessdominique Sun Apr 22, 09:12:00 AM EDT  

Hope things are going well with you busy Lady.