Saturday, February 16, 2008

Another unplanned, busy, crazy week. Does any other type exist? I think not. Does it interrupt the planned writing schedule. But, of course. It just wouldn't be like right if it didn't. Yes, got quite a few loose ends that I'm in the process of tying up and hopefully I can do that soon because it's eating some of my writing time. But that's how it is when you're a working writer. Yes, you have to sacrifice and say "no" to some things so you can get your writing time in and your projects done. But there's always those "life" things that you have to take care of. Sure, you can say no. But you'd have to be willing to deal with possible consequences like writing in the dark, or say, starvation. You know. Little stuff like that. In Stephen Covey's words, FIRST THINGS FIRST. lol

But, regardless, I always keep my mind in the literary mode. I just finished up Vanish by Tess Gerritsen. It was my first Detective Rizzoli mystery and it won't be my last. Awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I'm still reading Words of Farewell, a book of short stories by Korean Women Writers. And yes, Imajica is still by the bed. It's an awsome book, I'm just squeezed for time. I'm listening to Judgement in Death by J.D. Robb. And for kicks, I'm reading a book on Dialogue. Always gotta have something to continually sharpen the writing skills. :-)

All right. My workout is done. I just finished up a bagel and I'm pumping in the caffeine at Panera. Time to get a writin'. :-)


shelia Sat Feb 16, 01:54:00 PM EST  

JD Robbs (a/k/a Nora Roberts) and Tess Gerritsen are two of my favorite writers. If you get a chance, also check out Tess Gerritsen's blog. She always has something interesting to say.
Stay warm and I hope you get some writing done.

Cherlyn Michaels Sat Feb 16, 02:23:00 PM EST  

Hey Shelia! Yeah, I'm writing right now. Well, when I'm not blog hopping and uh...posting. LOL And yes, I'm a big fan of Tess's blog, which is why I wanted to check out one of her books. I have a link to her blog listed. Great stuff! :-)

Ashley Ladd Sat Feb 16, 05:26:00 PM EST  

You sound like me in a couple ways. I have a full-time day job, too. So I had planned on putting a lot of editing time in on my story due February 20th. Yikes! Just a couple of days away and so much yet to do. But I got a promotion to management at the day job Friday and so I want to look appropriate for that position, I was out searching all day for the appropriate shoes (made very difficult as I have a recent foot problem so I have to get wide width, special shoes and trying to find them in an attractive professional style was almost as hard as doing the edit) and a couple new dresses. Tonight, hubby's taking me out for a late Valentine's Day celebration. So today was shot for writing. Oy!

Cherlyn Michaels Sat Feb 16, 05:38:00 PM EST  


Yep! I can relate! LOL That's exactly what I'm talking about. Well, happy belated Valentine's Day. I hope you and the hubby have a great evening. :-) And get back to writing tomorrow!

TJBrown Sun Feb 17, 02:25:00 PM EST  

Must check out Tess's blog. Hope you get a lot of writing done!