Monday, June 30, 2008


And now.....drumroll please....IT IS FINISHED!!!!

Uh, no! Not book #3. I wish! But my hair! LOL Well, after ten long years of wearing microbraids, I've finally laid them to rest for good. I took out the braids for the last time last Wednesday (and Thursday, and Friday), and got myself one of them cute li'l ol' hair styles with long sleek black hair and wispy bangs. :-) I was hoping to be able to put up a pic, but as usual, I haven't had time. :-( But I'll get one up soon as possible.

I've been slowly going through small changes since I relocated. I'm feeling real good. So maybe it's like I'm feeling good and looking to do things to treat myself. Yeah, that's it. LOL But I'm not going to lie. For some reason, changing hair styles can wreck your mind. Because you see a style, but you don't know if it's going to look on you. But lucky for me, I seemed to have made a good choice. Good thing I decided against the beach blonde highlights and the burgundy rinse. So let me tell you, a sistah is feeling good right about now.

Now off to sleep so I can wake up a write another chapter before work. :-)


princessdominique Sun Jul 13, 09:15:00 AM EDT  

Can't wait to see a picture!!!!

Cherlyn Michaels Wed Jul 16, 04:12:00 AM EDT  

Hey Dom. This weekend, I'm going to try to change the main blog picture and get one up with the new hair. LOL