Thursday, September 03, 2009


You know you're in a good place when it feels like the ground beneath you feet crumble with each step you take, rain falls on your lenses and fog covers them every time you wipe it away, or when obstacles appear out of nowhere...and through all of this, you feel at peace. Ever have a day or a period of time when incident after incident happens...things that should bring you down and make you frustrated...things that takes more time than you have or cost more money that you want to spend...and somehow, you remain in good spirits? It's like, despite the dark clouds, you focus on the sunlight that peeks and pokes through, providing warm rays for you to bask in. And you do.

That's where I am today. The last couple of days, small things have happened that made me feel frustrated for a split second. It seems like it started with a blow out on my way to work, then small frustrating things at work, then my phone goes on the blink, and now, the car needs more repair work than originally thought, and this will cause a delay in my road trip for the weekend.

Normally, this would bring me down. Make me feel sad and frustrated and ruining my whole days. But no, through all of this, I feel at peace. I'm feeling an "and this too shall pass" moment. My spirits remain high and I feel relaxed. I'm feeling like these small incidences are nothing compared to trials that others have in their lives. Cars can be fixed or a new one can be purchased. Meanwhile, I have a job, plus, I can do what I love (writing). I'm living and breathing. I'm not in want of anything. I am blessed.

So, amidst the calamity all around me, I realize that it's not calamity at all, but a part of living. And my focus doesn't dwell on it, but moves beyond it to the goals I have to complete and how to get them done despite any obstacles.


Rose Mon Sep 07, 11:11:00 PM EDT  

And it too will be pass!