Thursday, November 27, 2003

It's Thanksgiving Day, and instead of going to visit my family in St. Louis, I stayed at the condo in Cincinnati to pack up for the move back to Cleveland next week. Just a sacrifice that has to be made. I took so many days off this year for writing classes, workshops, conferences, and seminars that I have no vacation days left at work. So now, I'm using my holiday in order to pack up. That's cool because it'll be worth it just to be able to leave Cincinnati and go back to Cleveland. I dislike Cincinnati something awful.

My sister relayed to me a message from the Call and Post in Cleveland. That a writer there wants my photo in addition to the press kit we sent. Kim's going to follow up with him Monday and hopefully, this will be an article on my book. We're selling well in St. Louis (dare I say too well) and I need to start getting the word out in Cleveland. This will be a great start.

I'm still so amazed. It's been a little over a year since I first thought about writing my first book. It was last summer and it hit me like a lightening bolt. One day I suddenly realized that the perfect time that I was looking for to write a novel would never come. So one day, I just made a pledge to myself to make writing my first novel my number one priority. To my surprise, or not, I actually did make it number one from that day on. My first conference was a Writer's Conference in Columbus, Ohio in August that kicked off my learning process. Then, I got the self-publishing handbooks, started studying, and everything grew from there. Writing classes, starting the self-publishing company, putting together my plan. . .everything.

All this is so hard to believe.