Saturday, November 29, 2003

November, 2003
I re-routed plans to attend a conference in PA so that I could pick up my books in St. Louis. I picked up 2 boxes that I had shipped to a St. Louis Fedex location, opened the box and just stared at it. I held it in my hands and I did imagine that this must be what a new mother and a new father feels. I mean, just like counting fingers and toes, I checked the page count, made sure all the chapters were there, ran my hands over the cover, and just stared at its detail. I propped it up on the console and glanced at it every few seconds or so while driving west on I-70. I was worse than somebody talking on a cell phone or eating barbecue ribs while driving. I was a proud little mommie.

With preorders, sales, and my mother and sister hustling books like crazy, I'm actually running low. I'm actually having to scale back on pushing my baby because I need to make sure I have books for my book party in December, not to mention the stash I need to keep for sales. However, better to sell out, should that happen, than to have 500 books lined up against my walls saying, "What we gon' do nah?" LOL

I'm having fun but I'm also feeling exhausted already. Maybe because I'm trying to complete a move to Cleveland and finalizing the sale of my condo while in the midst of this madness. It'll work out. It always does. I'm truly blessed.