Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I'm trying to tone down the giddiness I get with each little activity surrounding the book. You would think (at least I would) that I would be over the small stuff by now and would only get excited about things like say, a million dollar advance (okay, maybe stuff smaller than that too). But here it is my website designer just changed the format of the parked page announcing that my new website is coming and I'm flipping out and emailing all my friends. I don't know when the newness is going to wear off, but I can assure you that it hasn't come close to that yet. Anyway, the website should be up either this week or early next week at the lateset. I haven't seen it yet but I'm dying with anticipation,as you can imagine.

Okay, back to the BEA. The actual purpose for the trip to New York. LOL It was cool as always. This was my third year going. This year, I relaxed a little (some of it by force). In previous years, I had the first three chapters of my book to hand out to agents. I had postcards of my new cover that I gave out to as many people as possible. I was working the floor, getting to know people and trying to get people to know me and my book. Then I was collecting books along the way. The first year, I may have brought home a handful of books because I was unprepared and didn't know to ship books. In 2004, I drove and came prepared to get as many books as possible. Stayed all day for three days, wore flat shoes, and got as many books as I could. I'd fill up bags, then go empty them in my stored suitcase, and go back for more. I came home with hundreds of books! But again, I learned my lesson. Because now, I had all these books that I had no space for, and I wasn't even going to read a lot of them. So, slowly I engaged myself with giving away books, shipping book, etc., etc. So this year, I became more selective in what I picked up. I came home with 15 books that I absolutely want to read, and that I was able to pack in my suitcase and fly home. I visited the exhibits for 4 hours on Friday and missed Saturday because I got sick again from the pain medication. But all was cool, I was feeling better by that evening and made dinner with my publisher and the Blackboard Reception, which was PHENOMENAL!!!!

At the exhibits on Friday, I met the likes of Blair Underwood, Wynona Judd, and Jack Klugman of The Odd Couple. I got an autographed book from him. It's funny. The BEA is actually a place you can go star-gazing. Every year, there's some big stars or professional athletes. I remember seeing Neon Dieon (Sanders) in LA, I think, and Rhonde and Tiki Barber lst year in Chicago. They probably enjoy it because it can be low key or lower than what they're used to. You still get people asking for autographs (well, it is a book signing), but you usually don't see large groups of people surrounding someone famous like you see on TV. Book people are well behaved and orderly. You'll usually see a perfectly formed long line of people, patiently waiting to get to the front to quietly express their enthusiasm for having met the person in person. This may be followed by a book signing, an autograph, or a picture, and then the book lover smiles and walks away (reading the book if a book was given).

Ah, book people. You gotta love us!


Frederick Smith Tue Jun 07, 06:46:00 PM EDT  

Aaah, the books! I carted many home, too, and plan to share them with my friends.

Glad I got to meet you at BEA. It is indeed an overwhelming, but rewarding, experience to attend. Glad I got to see a familiar and friendly face!