Sunday, June 12, 2005

Okay, Cydney's comments made me think of a couple more funny things. It's great when I get feedback from readers who've read the self-published book and enjoyed it. But it's funny when I get dead serious comments of how I need to send my book to Oprah. And they say it like it's an innovative idea that no one else has ever thought to do. Or either, they realize that by chance, another writer or two might have thought to do this, but they think my book is so good that Ophrah is going to be completely mezmerized that she will drop everything and try to book me for the show. Of course, I'd have to check my calendar and get back to her. Oh, I'm sorry, have my assistant's assistant to get back to her about when I can confirm for the show. LOL Now, while I am totally flattered and totally gracious that this person obviously really enjoyed my book, I'm not anxious to throw a perfectly good book into Oprah's slush pile. So, I usually just smile and say, "Now that's a thought!"

Oh, but the best was advice that this guy told me. That I needed to call up P. Diddy and tell him about my book so we could "do something" with it. That I should just call up Bad Boy Entertainment and get P. Diddy on the line. "Hey, yo P! I got this new joint that I want you to check out, y'knowhaimean? Hot off the presses, this book is slammin! Yo we gotta make a move on this one P. We gotta do a video, a play, a movie, sump'in! Yo, give me a holla back, yo. I'm out! One!"

Then, he scaled down a bit. He said I needed to talk to Eric Jerome Dickey (okay, y'all probably think I'm making this all up but I'm not! LOL Now, when writers put stuff from their life in a book, some people say it "doesn't ring true." LOL) and tell him about my book and propose that we make it into a play. Go in on it together. That I should negotiate with him and show him how this would be beneficial for both of us.

No, even though he was looking at all the EJD hardcovers on my bookshelf, I don't think he realized that this writer is already beyond successful and that what he was suggesting I do was like the singer Bobby Valentino calling Prince and saying, "Let's do a collaboration. I think it could be beneficial for the BOTH of us." LOL

But I take these suggestions and smile.


Frederick Smith Mon Jun 13, 04:19:00 PM EDT  

Hey Cherlyn,
Yes, this is so funny how those who are not authors or writers think it's THAT EASY to just get something done with our books. Just incredible. When I hear those comments, I just keep quiet and chuckle inside.

Cherlyn Michaels Mon Jun 13, 09:58:00 PM EDT  

Isn't it though?! LOL Yep, you gotta just laugh. :-)

Shelia Tue Jun 14, 10:00:00 PM EDT  

Until someone walks in your shoes, they wouldn't know that it's not as easy as it seems.

Jill Wed Jun 15, 09:16:00 PM EDT  

LOL. Yeah, I get some pretty interesting suggestions, too. None I can actually use ...

Suzanne Thu Jun 16, 07:30:00 PM EDT  

You mean you're NOT calling P. Diddy? :)

Peggy Fri Jun 17, 10:00:00 AM EDT  

I have this great idea! Why don't you send your book to...

Oops, Cherlyn, I don't think you're going to need to call anyone. Within a year and a half of becoming officially a writer you land a two-book deal with a major publishing house? Girl, please, they will all be calling you!

Cherlyn Michaels Fri Jun 17, 09:25:00 PM EDT  

Shelia, yep, I totally agree. It's fun listening to how simple people think it can be sometimes though.

Suzanne, um, no, LOL. I've thought it over and I've come to the conclusion that I'm not going to go to P. Diddy, but I'm going to let HIM come to ME! So there! LOL

Thanks Peggy! Wouldn't that be nice?