Monday, June 16, 2008

It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally settled! :-) The last few months have been hectic. Relocation is a mutha! LOL Anyway, so after living in a hotel for two months, going back to St. Louis to move my things to storage somewhere in the midwest, finding an apartment in Macon, moving my things from storage, unpacking and organizing, I'm finally settled!

As you can imagine, writing has been scattered during this time period, but I have been writing here and there. Got articles finished and submitted for publication, and back to working on book three. I know I'm early in my writing career, but this is the longest I've ever spent on writing a book. And not from lack of inspiration, but from absolute chaos and lack of premium writing time. For me, once the flow is interrupted, I have to get back into it by reviewing the entire story to get back into it again. And it seems like I've spent a lot of time in this phase because of all the interruptions. HOWEVER, it can only get better from here. I have permanency and can now allot time to writing and actually commit to a writing schedule. That feels good!

Lots to catch up on, but gotta go for now. Ta ta! :-)


Carleen Brice Fri Jun 20, 11:31:00 AM EDT  

2 months in a hotel?! Lord Jesus! Bet the first few days were great, but then.... Glad you've found a real home and can get back to life!