Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Relocation is rough! Sucks all the life right out of ya. The first two weeks I was here, I was basically trying to get to know the area. A small area, it is, unfamiliar nonetheless. Then apartment hunting after work and weekends. Finding new doctors and going for the initial visits (of course, they send you out to other facilities for testing for this and that...still gotta reschedule that mammogram...oh, joy). Then, there's the wonderful experience of the DMV for driver's license and car registration. I got it down to about five trips between the DMV and state office to get them. It seemsed like a constant running around for about three months.

But of all the tasks that have sucked up my late afternoons and weekends, I'm undergoing the toughest task of all. Looking for a hair stylist! OH MY!!!! Oh geez! Let me tell you. It's been tough to find new services the way I like them. I've had individual lashes put in with so much glue that you could only see the tips and it peeled off the next day like a rubber strip. I had my naturally thin eyebrows trimmed to pencil thin lines when I specifically stated that I only wanted the tails shaped. Sigh. And now, I've been wearing braids for about eight years and ready for a change. What better time to do it than relocating and starting life anew? :-) But, I think I found a stylist. You'll know that I did if I post pics. LOL

So how much reading did I do? Uh, maybe a chapter in past three months. :-( Writing? Well, although not much, I did fare better than reading. I manage to submit and article to Urbanburnout in May that is in cue for posting. And I just submitted two articles to The Black Biker Magazine for the summer issue, which should be out mid-August, I'm told. And for the book, very little. But now, I've returned back to my writing schedule of Counting Raindrops and getting up at 3:30-ish, 4:00 AM to work on the book. And that's my cue to hop to it! :-)


Peggy Sat Jun 21, 12:47:00 PM EDT  

So glad to hear you are thriving!!!

LadyLee Mon Jun 23, 05:29:00 PM EDT  

Good to hear you're moving right along:) And welcome to Georgia!

Cherlyn Michaels Thu Jun 26, 05:24:00 AM EDT  

Thanks Peggy. All's well down here! And thanks so much for the welcome LadyLee! :-)