Friday, February 18, 2005

Edits are going good! Although I had really hoped to be finished by now, I've made great progress nonetheless. I should be able to send it off this weekend for the Tuesday deadline. Then, I can work on finishing up the synopsis and outline for the second book. It'll be great to focus at least 90% of my writing time to that too. I'm still working on a novella as well. I've already planned that this is going to be a writing year for me indeed. The goal is to have book two written by the deadline, as well as book three. Plus, I want to have at least three novellas or short stories written. What this all means is that I'm planning on spending a heck of a lot of time alone.

But it's my birthday weekend. I have an event today. I'm speaking on a panel about the choice of reading fiction vs. non-fiction. Then afterwards, I'm hanging out with a friend to celebrate. Saturday, I'm hanging with the ladies of SHERAH for movie night. It's girls night out and we're just going to watch a movie, eat pizza, drink wine, and do what we do best....TALK!!!!! LOL Should be a lot of fun! And oh, yes, I'm writing in between all of this.