Saturday, February 05, 2005

Okay, contracts are done. I sent them back on Monday and became a full-time writer the same day. Um...not by choice. Well, seems that the job found out about my engineering degree and even though I was doing an awesome job as a marketing administrator, they decided that I was over qualified and let me go. Can you believe that? Geez! I feel blessed in that I got my contract off and that I won't need the job to survive. So, guess what, I'm making lemonade! I've decided not to look for another job and just to be a full-time writer. I desperately need to get further along in my writing and that's difficult to do when you're even working a straight 8 to 4. But, really, again, GEEZ! This was the most funny experience to me. You know this is going to go in a book somewhere! LOL


Tee C. Royal Sat Apr 02, 01:23:00 AM EST  

Cheryln, you are a joy! This is a funny thing, but there is always a plan for things. (No matter how you try to direct them).

I'm rooting for you and am very proud of you. And it was a pleasure to read some of your entries.

I'll be back!