Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Just came back from a marathon drive to and from Cleveland to pick up more of my things. I left for the 10 hour drive to Cleveland Monday morning, packed the car, then drove back Tuesday morning. It was long, but peaceful. Driving alone is so serene, so calming. Listening to the radio, being alone with your thoughts, stopping when you want to...It was great.

So I'm back home and about to unpack the car. Got an email from my editor telling me my copyedits are on their way and due back on February 22nd. So, I need to get organized so I can focus on that while completing my outline and synopsis for the second book, which is due March 15th. Then I speaking on a panel on February 18th, which is my birthday weekend. Another event on the 25th. I don't necessarily like being busy while these deadlines are looming, but I'm learning that I'm going to have to balance. Staying out and about is long term promoting and introducing myself to people. So, I want to keep up with that too. Once again I'm being reminded that even in being a full-time writer, there's still not enough time!