Sunday, April 03, 2005


Okay, so I'm walking the streets of downtown St. Louis, just out and about, walking to work whatever. I'm smiling and saying hello to all these fine, good looking men (thank goodness I look 10 years younger than I actually am!--LOL). And I feel a pain in the back of my neck. Just a slight, tightness. A slight soreness, if you will. I rub the back of my neck and say hello to another fine stranger. As I bring my neck back down to normal position, it hits me. I look around, all around. What's wrong with my neck is what's wrong with this picture. This is NOT the NCAA Final Four Weekend here in St. Louis. This is the 1st Annual Tall People's Convention! It's the invasion of the Skywalkers. These people are TALL!!!! I'm in awe. I have never seen so many tall people in my life. At 4'11 as many of you know, no wonder my neck is getting stiff! LOL At the hotel of my assignment, we have the box to one of the players sneakers. Let's just say I can fit 2 PAIR of my shoes in his shoe box, plus have room for socks!

Anyway, it's been a great weekend. But I must say, all I've been able to do get out for only a minute or so before I go to work. This is no fun and I've already vowed never again to take an assignment during a major event where I'm working in the evening. I'm missing everything in the evening and I'm sleeping through the day. This isn't fun. Okay, I got about 4 hours before I have to get ready to go to work so I'm about to grab my camera and see what I can see.


Peggy Wed Apr 06, 03:16:00 PM EDT  

Well Shorty,
I mean Cherlyn, I can definitely relate to that about the neck problem. I'm 5'1 3/4", but I have probably been lying about that 1 and 3/4" for a lot of years. Hope you enjoyed your stroll!

Shelia Thu Apr 07, 03:00:00 AM EDT had me laughing with this entry. Hope you got a chance to enjoy some of the weekend anyway.