Sunday, April 24, 2005

I received my copy of Hyperion's latest catalogue and my book is featured. This is very exciting to see. Everything now gives me the feeling of doing it for the first time. It was just as exciting to get the Hyperion galleys last week and it's even more thrilling to see my book in their catalougue. Not that I didn't believe that I'm being published now, but seeing these little things makes it seem more real. It's like taking your greatest moments in life and being able to experience them for a second time. :-)

I'm getting further along on my novella and I'm feeling good about it. This is an exciting project and I can't wait until I'm finished! The other ladies are done with their stories and they've been submitted. Leave it to me to come bringing up the rear. But it's cool. This one's going so well that I know I'll have it completed very soon.

You know, alothough I grew up in church, I don't consider myself a religious person at all--I do consider myself to be spiritual, though. But I have been glued to the TV about the death of the Pope and the election of the new Pope. Even when I grew up in church, it was Pentecostal, and not Catholic. But I have been quite fascinated by the ceremonies, the history, the difference in teachings, the issues, etc. I'm sitting here right now watching Meet the Press and they are discussing the current issues of the teachings and women and leaders in the Catholic church. This is quite interesting, if I must say so myself.

This is one thing I've noticed since writing my first book. It's like my sense to learn more things has become heightened. I've always loved learning and reading. I love buying those "For Dummies" books on different subjects, just so I can learn about something different in layman's terms. Sometimes I use the knowledge, sometimes I don't, or I haven't as of yet. I'm watching more programs that are teaching me something. I'm looking out for more workshops around town that will teach me something I don't know. And yes, all the while I'm doing this, in the back of my mind I'm storing up knowledge that I hope to use in a story or a character one day. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. But either way, I enjoy learning new things and I enjoy what I'm doing.


princessdominique Mon Apr 25, 10:17:00 PM EDT  

What would we do without those "For Dummies" books? They come in handy and cover everything from wine to *ahem* sex.

Cherlyn Michaels Mon Apr 25, 11:17:00 PM EDT  

LOL You mean there's one on SEX??? And I MISSED IT???!!!!
I'm only kidding. :-)

Shelia Tue Apr 26, 12:25:00 AM EDT  

I have a few of those "Dummie" books myself.

Monica Sun May 01, 12:17:00 AM EDT  

Hi, I just came across your blog. I love your voice.

Cherlyn Michaels Sun May 01, 10:53:00 AM EDT  


Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you've enjoyed my ramblings. It's such a release for me. :-)