Friday, April 08, 2005

I can't stress enough how great it is to have editors. Well, I did get the final edit finished and submitted by the due date. Once again, feeling relieved that I could finally put that baby to rest for now, and focus on finishing my novella and second book. But wait! She came back! Well, at least a little part of her. Seems my copyeditor caught an inconsistency within the story. And when my editor emailed me about it, without even going back to the story to look at it, I knew it was true and that it needed to be fixed. I could see the problem, and thank goodness, the solution that would need to be applied. It's going to take some minor re-writing. But it's like again, she just won't leave the house! She needs to get out there on her own and let me tend to the other chilluns. LOL

I'm going to the Cardinals pep rally at Kiener plaza in a bit. I'm going to LOVE living here in downtown St. Louis. I have a beautiful view of the riverfront and Laclede's Landing, and I'm about equi-distant away from both Busch Stadium (old Cardinals stadium) and the Edward Jones Dome (Rams stadium). So, whether I go to the game or not....TAILGATE and pre-game parties!!!! This is going to be awesome. People drinking. Can you imagine all the good stuff I'm going to eavesdrop on this summer! LOL I'm excited.

I had a friend over and we went over the list of things to do. Gotta go to a few Cardinals games because this is the last season in the old stadium. The new stadium is being built right next door and will open for the 2006 season. I gotta get pics of the old stadium, especially when the knock it down. Then, my friend agreed to share with me some of the other things on my list. He's going teach me to swim. No problem. But he says he's going to also go skydiving with me. I'm finally going to do that this year I think. Been dying to do it forever. But I thought I was going to have to do it alone because I've come to find out that I have very few friends who want to share in my joy on that one. LOL But, when I do, I'll be sure to have pics taken so I can post them. And finally, we're looking into getting our motorcycle license together. Looking into a motorcycle safety class and I'm looking to buy my first bike right after. Hopefully by May. My first choice is a Suzuki GSXR-600. Second is a Kawasaki Ninja 600. I've been watching eBay for a Gixxer in Yellow, Red, or Blue. I'll post pics of this too!