Thursday, July 14, 2005

Yesterday was a groundwork day. I re-evaluated all my major characters and really fleshed them out. Now they feel like real people that I know. And for all of my friends and family members who are reading this, let me say this now, NO, THERE IS NO CHARACTER BASED ON YOU!!!! LOL I also tweaked my setting a little bit more. Over the next couple of days, I'm planning a field trip (didn't you just love those in grade school) to where I get out and spend a little time in the area that's my setting. I need to get the feel of it for the characters and find places that they're going to frequent and where they're going to eat and live. Even though it's right here in town, I'm going to take pictures as well. Probably sounds silly but I'm getting giddy just thinking about it. And this time, I don't have to get a permissions slip signed for me to go. :-)

While I'm writing my second book, there's actually also another project that I'm working on that I'm extremely excited about. Even when I was in Ohio, I knew that I wanted to start a non-profit that would work with kids in reading and writing. Well, I had started working on it, but it was hard to do by myself. I had a few part-time people involved, but mostly, the work was all on me. And with everything else going on, I hardly made any progress. But then, I saw a information about a group that was looking for additional members to establish a chapter of a national non-profit called 826. In a nutshell, 826 helps kids in the age range of 6 - 18 to improve their writing skills. I'm very excited about being a board member of this group. One of the members sent an email stating that she has sent off our incorporation papers and we're listed as the St. Louis Writer's Studio. This project excites me to no end, especially being involved at the very beginning. Yeah, the schedule is a little tight right now and, especially now through October or November, my physical presences may or may not be scarce because of a possible book tour. But other than that, this project is at the top of the list, along with writing books! :-) I know we're planning on being up and running in 2006. I'm so anxious to start working with kids and writing. It's going to be so fulfilling. :-)


Suzanne Thu Jul 14, 06:48:00 PM EDT  

Cool about the non-profit group working with kids, Cherlyn! That's wonderful!!!

Jill Fri Jul 15, 06:11:00 PM EDT  

826 sounds like such a promising group! You are so great to give your time like that.

Oh and I had to laugh when you put the disclaimer on your story that none of the characters are based on people in your family. I could be writing a bloody thriller with only bad guys in it and my brother would still ask me which guy is him ...

e Mon Jul 18, 01:49:00 PM EDT  

See you at the meeting tomorrow night...

Peggy Tue Jul 19, 02:20:00 PM EDT  

I know that's been one of your passions and it is beautiful. Nothing is more rewarding than giving back the gifts (natural and otherwise) the creator has given you.

Plus, your reseach and preparation for your book(s) is an inspiration to us all (writers)!


Cherlyn Michaels Tue Jul 19, 04:45:00 PM EDT  

Hey Suzanne, Jill, Peggy, and Shelia,

Yes, I'm excited about this project! (See you at the meeting Erik!)

Jill, yeah, I'm hoping the disclaimer will help, although I doubt it! LOL It was so funny to see family and friends pull out characters in my first book and assume they were them. :-)