Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Half-way through the final proofread! This is funny because now I'm reading this story again, line by line. Have you ever been mesmerized by your own writing? Doesn't it make you feel conceited? As if you're looking in the mirror and saying, "Damn! I look fine!" LOL You wouldn't dare say it out loud. I'm trying to proofread my story and I'm getting caught up in it. Mostly because I come across lines that I don't even remember writing. And I'm going, "Wow! That was brilliant!" LOL Now, others may not think so, but I'm in awe. This is fun.. But seriously, I do hope others enjoy the story and that's what I really think about while I'm reading. I'm scrutinzing every line and trying to think if the average reader will enjoy it. An impossible task to take on, but I think most writers do that.

I got a conference call with my editor and I think my new publicist tomorrow. I'm excited about that. When you self-publish first, you're used to doing your own promotion and publicity. So, I've already got my own promotional plan outlined. LOL But I need to calm my little butt down. Yes, even with a traditional pupblisher, I'm still going to have to promote myself. But now I do have to consider the fact that I have a team working with me and we need to decide publicity together so that I won't conflict with what they're trying to do. I can a little eager beaver at times. Anyway, I'm anxious to have this call and discuss the publicity for Counting Raindrops.

I signed up with a temp agency. I decided to stay in the workforce, but I don't want a full-time job. So, by signing up with an agency, I can be a permanent temp. I'm going to take assignments from time to time. That way, should I ever have a down period in the publishing industry, I would have still been active in the workforce and would be able to get a job to take up the slack. This week I'm working at a hotel for the Final Four Weekend. St. Louis is going to be HOT this weekend! I live downtown and the hotel I'm working at is within walking distance. Good thing because ALL the hotels are booked, which means parking is going t o be a bi-otch! So, I don't plan to move my car at all after Thursday. I'm planning to go to the grocery store to stock up on food, water, and batteries. Why batteries? I don't know. But whenever there's a tornado, thunderstorm, or blizzard, ,you always stock up on batteries. Final Four weekend seems to fit this category. Henceforth, batteries!