Sunday, March 20, 2005

So I'm waiting for next week to hear the feedback about my proposal for my second book. It's already underway, however, I had the synopsis and outline due Tuesday. And guess what? I actually got it in a day early! WOW! But in my eagerness to write the ultimate sophomore novel, I sort of went outside the boundaries so to speak. Colored outside the lines....went from shallow to deep. It made me realize that I have more than one writing style in me. Even so, the name of the game is to build an audience first, then explore what I can do. After a conference call with my editor, I agreed that this would have been a great departure and would probably leave the people who liked my first book saying, "What the heck???" LOL So, I revised it to put it along the lines of Counting Raindrops and I'm waiting to hear the feedback this week so I can proceed. This is a lot different than self-publishing, I must admit. Can't say worse though. Because if I self-published, I would have gone with my first story draft and I think I would have had a hard time establishing a core audience. Sometimes, two heads are better than one. And I'm keeping the first storyline for a future book, so all is not lost!

Missouri, Missouri, Missouri. This state is going to have me going off the deep end! Trying to get license plates for my car has been a week long ordeal. First, they have all these tests inspectiton, emissions... Then I have to get a waiver for my personal property tax. Then you take all these items and go to the license bureau. Fine, if everything goes off without a hitch. But that has been so not the case for me. I failed emissions, not because there's an emissions problem with my 4.5 year old Jetta, but because the check engine light was on which fails it whether you have an emissions problem or not. So, I go get it checked out, it's fine, they turn off the light and that's another afternoon wasted. Tax fault I guess. I go to a location recommened by a friend, which happens to be across town. First time, I forgot a needed document and had to do it the next day. Second day, I take a number, wait an hour to be called to find out I need to go downtown to get my waiver because I live in the city. Downtown...a couple of blocks away from home...I could have walked. So now, there's no time for me to make it there before closing. So, hopefully by Tuesday, I'll finally have Missouri plates...although I'm not so sure I want them now.