Thursday, March 10, 2005

It's moving day! Lawd, I swear I've been moving for the past six months! I came back to St. Louis in October of last year, lived with my sister for 3 months, got my apartment in January, now I'm finally moving the last of my furniture and personal belongings from Cleveland. The things you have to do to realize your dream! LOL Well, I drove to Cleveland on Sunday to grab a few more things and to be there with the movers to make sure everything went smoothly. They told me my things would arrive here in St. Louis 4 - 10 days later. I got a call yesterday saying that it's arriving today. AWESOME!!! After this move and after unpacking, my transition period will be over. I'm going to try my best to stay put. I hate to move, but yet I haven't stayed in one place for more than two years in the past eight years. I guess it's good I don't have a kid. She'd be feeling like a rag doll right about now. LOL

Through all of this, I'm still trying to finish up my synopsis and novella for this anthology. Ideas are rolling in my head for both and I just need the time to finish them up. Life gets in the way sometimes. I keep telling myself that things will be better once I finally get things settled, but that's taking a long time. But I think the end is near, FINALLY.

The things you do to realize your dream!