Friday, March 25, 2005

It's a go! My editor and I agreed on the full storyline for the second book. That was a great experience. We had no trouble agreeing on the final storyline. And I love it and I'm looking forward to writing it.

Okay, so I think I'm about to devote 100% of my writing time to finishing up this novella I'm working on for an anthology. And guess who shows up at the door again? That's right, Counting Raindrops! LOL I'm new to the process so I didn't realize how many reads I would have to do before it goes to print. It's like Counting Raindrops is the first child that won't leave the house completely. She just keeps coming back when you're ready to move on and focus all of your attention on the next baby! Ahhhh!!!! But I talked to my editor and found out that this should be the last read before it goes to print because there were no MAJOR corrects in the copyedits. So, I'll give her my attention and send her out into the world again by April 5th. After that, she should not return again and I'll watch her blossom into the beautiful flower that I've raised her to be. (I know, that's soooo corny!!!) LOL


Shelia Thu Apr 07, 03:02:00 AM EDT  

I love your new book cover.