Sunday, July 26, 2009


I've never been one to collect events, however, on my trip to the Barnes & Noble Cafe yesterday, I did pick up a Michael Jackson commemorative book. First of all, they were hard to avoid. I've never seen MJ on so many covers at one time. He had the covers of various mags within the racks, a special MJ section with all of them together in the magazine section, and then another rack of "In Remembrance Of" which had about 10 MJ covers and one of Farrah Fawcett.

I didn't flip through them all. I don't think anyone has that amount of time. But I flipped through a few and was actually kind of turned off. Just more sensationalism with a hard focus of the troubled and questionable side. I was about to leave when I saw that Ebony had a commeorative book. For some reason, I expected quality from Ebony on the subject matter, and I was not disappointed. Ebony's book has a collection of beautiful pictures (including the cover), words from interviews with the singer, words from's all tastefully done. I was so impressed that me, the non-buyer of commemorative items, actually picked it up and purchased it to keep in memorandum. I believe Ebony's commemorative book is the best one out there.

Kudos to Ebony.


Rose Sun Jul 26, 03:03:00 PM EDT  

I'll definitely pick up a copy. I don't want to see a bunch of sensationalism either. Thanks for the tip!

Sharon Ball Mon Jul 27, 01:12:00 PM EDT  

I would have guessed that Ebony would have a quality commemorative book. I'll have to tell my mom about the book since she's been following all of the media coverage on Michael. Thanks!

Cherlyn Michaels Mon Jul 27, 05:59:00 PM EDT  

We're on the same page so I know you wouldn't be disappointed.

Yeah. I would have walked out empty handed otherwise. Everything else was garbage to me. Your mom should appreciate it. :-)