Sunday, July 12, 2009

I noticed I have a morning routine before I do anything. Whether it be going to work, school work, writing, or just getting up in general. I have a list of things that I do, but not necessarily in the exact same order.

Before I start my day, I must relax and reflect. Meditate. It's hard for me to just get up and go. I have to take at least 30 minutes to lay while away, or else, "my ass is grass" for the rest of the day. This rolls right into lighting incense and meditating. Right now, I meditate in my bed. When I get around to it, I want to buy a new zebuton and zafu set to meditate on the floor, at sunrise, in front of the sliding glass door.

Then I have to have at least one cup of coffee. Two cups on Saturday and Sundays, spaced between a couple of hours. While I'm drinking coffee, I'm on the net. Twitter and Facebook are routine. I browse for inspirational quotes to post for status updates. I then look at my phone to go through emails in 3 different email accounts. One is for motorcycle related stuff, one is for author stuff, the other is for personal stuff like bill payment alerts, receipts, bank account info, etc.

Okay, from there, if I have time, I'll browse a couple of blogs and comment if I have something to say about it. I'm trying to get back into writing to my own blog. Right now, the goal is once a week. In September, I want to increase it, but no set goal yet. I also want to increase my surfing on the net. Not spend hours a day, but a quick browse. The internet is such a great and fast tool for writers to use. This thing is a godsend. Although you have to be careful, a lot of information can be gathered and shared.

Another thing that I want to add to the routine is a quick early morning workout a couple of days during the week.

So those are my must do morning routine items before I'm able to get into anything on the agenda for the day. Do you have a set routine?


mr. nichols Thu Jul 16, 04:01:00 AM EDT  

I tend to like to freestyle life, but I realize I do have certain routines such as packing the same thing for lunch every morning, reading blogs, getting on twitter. and then at some point i actually have to do some real work. unfortunately.

Cherlyn Michaels Thu Jul 16, 05:40:00 PM EDT  

lol...isn't it unfortunate that we have to do some real work. but yeah, your routine sounds similar to mine.