Monday, August 22, 2005

Back on track! Yesterday, I finished up the half-chapter that I skipped out on to go to the Expo. PLUS, I wrote the next chapter. So, I'm still on pace for finishing in eight more days. Let the countdown begin! And I have to admit, Jill Shalvis provided me with additional motivation. She's trying to finish her manuscript in eight days too, so she offered to race me. I'm a girl that loves challenges. :-) (Hmmm....maybe that's what I need to do. Have somebody challenge me to lose these last 10 pounds and...hmmm.....). I ended up not leaving my apartment at all yesterday so I could catch up.

I just shot my editor an email too because I'm worried about word count. I have a minimum of 65,000, which I'm going to have no problem meeting. I'm actually getting worried about going over a maximum! If there is one. At the rate I'm going, I'm going to meet the minimum with the first draft. When I revise, there's going to be more words added because right now, I'm just laying plot and dialogue. There's very little description or narrative. I don't expect it to be a saga. I think Counting Raindrops was maybe 80K - 85K and 302 printed pages. Well, I'm just glad I'm worrying about a maximum rather than trying to come up with words to meet a minimum. Before editing, I'm a very wordy writer. Not sure if I'll ever have a problem meeting a minimum.


Suzanne Mon Aug 22, 05:30:00 PM EDT  

Go, Cherlyn! It's always good for me when I've got a friend who's trying to finish something at the same time I am. It motivates me. I don't want them to finish before me. I'm not competitive or anything, though. Nope, not me. No. Really!!!

princessdominique Mon Aug 22, 06:55:00 PM EDT  

Cherlyn I may have to join you two in the race if that's okay. Sometimes you do need that motivation and a challenge is right up my alley too!

Cherlyn Michaels Mon Aug 22, 07:03:00 PM EDT  

LOL You mean there not even the tinest little competitor in you? Hmmm? Come on now... :-)
Yes, it's very motivating!

Cherlyn Michaels Mon Aug 22, 07:08:00 PM EDT  

Sure, the more the merrier. I'm sitting here writing now. It's like I feel I have to accomplishing something and blog about it tomorrow. It's like you don't want to be that kid that's left out. You know, everybody got an "A" but you. Or everybody else got Gloria Vanderbilt jeans but you. Or everybody else gets to go to the mall, but nnnooooo. YOU gotta stay at home and watch your baby brother while your girlfriends are out boy watching and.....

Oh, I'm sorry. I think I might be getting a little personal. But you know what I mean. LOL

Jill Tue Aug 23, 11:56:00 AM EDT  

So ... who's going to win, you or me? I still have fifteen pages to go and then some massive editing ...

Cherlyn Michaels Tue Aug 23, 12:55:00 PM EDT  

Oh my goodness! You only have 15 pages left to do? Well, you did say you need to edit to and that's a part of your goal?

I have 7 more chapters to finish and about 20K more words to meet the minimum. My goal is just first draft completion by the end of the month. Then I have about two weeks to revise.