Saturday, August 20, 2005

I've been tagged! Blog tagged!


Okay, this sounds like fun. And this saves you from the whining post that I was going to write this morning. The one about everything that's going on here this weekend in the downtown St. Louis area. EVERYTHING THAT I'M MISSING!!!! as I sit here and tap out the second book. Stuff like baseball, concerts on the levee, Nelly, MO Black Expo. It was going to be a doozy. So, you're spared. Until tomorrow. :-)

So, the way this tag thing works is that I list the 10 songs I've been listening to. Well, easy, and not so easy. Easy, because I load songs onto my PC and have them on continuous play all the time. Not so easy because I have in rotation about four CD, so that's about 50 or so songs. So, being the creative engineering nut case that I am, what I'm going to do is list the top 10 songs from these four CDs in rotation that make me stop, breathe in deeply, sway (because I can't dance), or just take me to a whole 'nother level. (Pretty clever idea, huh? Thought of that all by myself). Okay, so here it goes:

1. I Want You - Erykah Badu
2. Think Twice - Erykah Badu
3. The Corner - Common
4. The Food (Live) Common
5. Cross my Mind - Jill Scott
6. Family Reunion - Jill Scott
7. Bandy Bandy - Zap Mama
8. Show Me the Way - Zap Mama
9. Sweet Melody - Zap Mama
10. Danger - Erykah Badu

So there you have it!

All right, I'm about to go get a cup of coffee. You can thank Cydney Rax for getting you off the hook. But stay tuned for the bitch session tomorrow.

C ya!


princessdominique Sat Aug 20, 08:57:00 AM EDT  

Gee, just what I always wanted *lol*

Cherlyn Michaels Sat Aug 20, 09:01:00 AM EDT  

oh, i know it, dom! i knew you'd feel left out, so i wanted to include you so you wouldn't be left out on the experience of this joy! LOL

Actually, it was quite fun picking out 10 songs. Added a little flavor and a change up to my morning blog routine. I enjoyed being tagged. :-)

Leah Mullen Sat Aug 20, 11:45:00 AM EDT  

So, I list 10 songs and "tag" someone else? This is how it works?

Cherlyn Michaels Sat Aug 20, 01:29:00 PM EDT  

Hey Leah,
yep! that's it exactly! i'll be watching to see what you're listening to. :-)

princessdominique Sat Aug 20, 01:40:00 PM EDT  

I've got Zap Mama in my Amazon cart I think. Now I need to actually go ahead and buy it. *lol*

Court Sat Aug 20, 04:07:00 PM EDT  

I may need to check out Zap Mama. Everything else on your list I like.

Shelia Sat Aug 20, 09:20:00 PM EDT  

I might have to check out Zap Mama too.

Cherlyn Michaels Sun Aug 21, 12:27:00 AM EDT  

Dom, Court, and Shelia,
If you like Badu and Jill Scott, I think you love Zap Mama. Badu collaborates on one song (Bandy Bandy) too. It's smooth and mellow, with sounds of Africa. It's nice!

Cherlyn Michaels Sun Aug 21, 12:28:00 AM EDT  

Oh, ladies, and the Zap Mama CD I'm referring to is Ancestry in Progress.

Marcus Harris Sun Aug 21, 11:09:00 PM EDT  

Okay, I posted my songs like a good boy . . . check 'em out when you get some time . . .

Court Mon Aug 22, 03:22:00 AM EDT  

Cherlyn, you have me all excited. I love mellow music. I will definitely check it out. Thanks