Monday, August 01, 2005

Whew! Just got back in town. I drove to Philadelphia, by way of Cleveland, for my family reunion. In Cleveland, I dropped in on a signing with Terry McMillan. She read a chapter from her book before entertaining questions (with the prerequisite that it could not be about anything that's been in the news as of late--you know what I mean). But she was in great spirits as usual. Every time I've met her, she's always been down to earth and nothing had changed. I'm anxious to read her latest as well, although it's going to take a minute.

Had a great time with my family and even visited an old college friend and sorority sister in the area. I had plans to write everyday while there, but, as one would expect, that didn't go over so well. I wrote two days out of four, and they weren't quality writing days by a longshot. And before I left, I spent two days finally getting my receipts in line to do taxes. Yes, I procrastinated on that even after getting an extension. If you're a first time author and on the road for the first time, let me tell you...sort and organize your receipts along the way. If you can, log your travel expenses and purchases immediately. It took me 20 hours to sort all that stuff out. But it was quite interesting too. You're able to see exactly what you do on the road. Where you sleep, what you eat, what you do.... I should have bought stock in Red Bull. That's for sure.

So, all in all, I wrote two days out of about seven. This is lousy! Aaagggghhhh!!! I just want to scream! Three more days before I leave for a book conference in Atlanta so I'm going to be a writing fool until then. Um...I'll holla back in a minute!


Frederick Smith Mon Aug 01, 02:38:00 PM EDT  

Glad you had a nice vacation. I'd wondered where you were. Good luck with the writing and traveling and AARRGGGHHHH, taxes. I'm off to NYC again for more book promo stuff.

Jill Mon Aug 01, 05:21:00 PM EDT  

Man do I know how you feel. Deadline looming ... no time to write ... panic ensuing ...

Cherlyn Michaels Tue Aug 02, 12:10:00 AM EDT  

Hey Frederick,
Oh I'm still here! LOL I would have posted a messagee that I would be away for a week if I had known, but it wasn't really in the plan. Hey, happy promoting in NYC!

Cherlyn Michaels Tue Aug 02, 12:17:00 AM EDT  


Yes, that's exactly what I'm starting to feel, pressure. But the good thing is that the pressure is not from writer's block. The story is actually flowing, and honestly, I do think I can finish by the new deadline. The thing is that I want to finish and have time to let it marinate and get back to it. Because as we all know, that's when you're able to really shape it!

Suzanne Tue Aug 02, 07:52:00 AM EDT  

You're so right--staying on top of receipts and keeping organized is so helpful later. I always procrastinate anyway, of course...