Monday, August 15, 2005

I had to take a day off from writing yesterday. Believe me, it was hard. But the dishes were piling up, the packed suitcase from last week's trip was begging to be unpacked, a couple of bills were smiling at the anticipation of a late fee, and, ah, well, the next thing that happens is that you start not to like yourself anymore. So, I took the day off to take care of business. And now that I can see the floor, I feel much better. :-)

I even had a chance to do a little reading. Treated myself to a field trip. Went to the bookstore! I got 2 books from the bargain books section. It's very rare that I can go into the bookstore and come out with nothing and the bargain books and the "last chance" books get me every time. Well, I usually can if my purse is empty or say, a tornado hits, and wipes out all the cash registers in the process. Well, maybe not even then because my cell phone has a calculator where I can figure out the tax and then it's just a matter of seeing if anyone has change. So, what I'm saying is, I really, really hate shopping, unless it's for books or shoes and I can't leave a bookstore without something in my hand. I may need to seek therapy. Yeah. Me and a whole lot of other writers. ;-)


Frederick Smith Mon Aug 15, 02:13:00 PM EDT  

Aaah. Bookstores. Books. My drug of choice. Can't quite stay away. Where is the local BBA (Book Buyers Anonymous) meeting? lol

Suzanne Mon Aug 15, 05:46:00 PM EDT  

I do that, too!!! Whenever I go on a trip, the suitcase just sits there, unpacked. Forever!!!

Cherlyn Michaels Mon Aug 15, 08:41:00 PM EDT  

See! Thanks Frederick for confirming that I'm not alone in this illness! LOL

Cherlyn Michaels Mon Aug 15, 08:43:00 PM EDT  

Yep! I do it everytime! Pretty soon, you start running out of underwear though, so you have to unpack and do laundry. :-)