Friday, September 09, 2005

Awesome progress news. I met my two chapter minimum AND revised another two chapters. So, I'm all caught up to my original goal and SHOULD finish up the second revision at the end of the day Saturday, if I keep up the two chapter minimum. I probably revised the same as far as word count. But I knew toward the end that I had one really short chapter (1000 words) and a couple that were in the 2000+ range whereas my other chapters are 3000 - 3500 words. So, that's why I was able to catch up. Nonetheless, I'm almost finished with the second revision. And I think I'll be able to squeeze in two days for a third revision where I'll make sure there's a closed loop on each main character and input things from the side notes I've made.

I was thinking, did I ever talk about what the second book is about or even the title? Not sure. I haven't done the dreaded synopsis yet (I hate those), but I did sum it up for an interview that I did recently. The title of this second book is First Fridays and the main character contemplates mixing business and personal relationships. In a nutshell, here's what it's about:

In First Fridays, my 2006 release, the main character Naja Rodgers is a entrepreneur and is very much attracted to her business partner, Russom King . Problem is, she doesn't believe in mixing business with pleasure, for fear that mixing the two could possibly result in relationship drama that carries over to the board room. And she's not sure she wants to take that chance and put her baby--her business--on the line. But after Naja does give in to a relationship, she comes to find out that it could even be worse than she ever imagined.

Why "First Fridays?" If you're into professional networking and you're in one of the host cities, you might be familiar with the First Fridays networking events. While the characters contemplate business and personal relationships, they take you and give you an inside view of these First Fridays events. Some of the people you will meet are quite funny. Some of the happenings are outrageous. And yes, some of this is from personal experience and observations. I attended quite a few First Fridays events in Cleveland, and a couple here in St. Louis. :-)

What I'm hoping to bring is another contemporary relationship novel where a main issue is explored and the reader will also laugh and find the journey enjoyable.


quincee Fri Sep 09, 11:01:00 AM EDT  

Very interesting summary of the second novel, Cherlyn. Good title too.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am a morning person, but I love my sleep. I used to write in the mornings (5-7) and even now, on the days when I write it's done before lunch. Lately I haven't been able to get out of bed until I have to get ready for work. I've considered just coming in to work an hour early, locking the door and writing--but it hasn't happen yet (Did I mention that I'm a professional Procrastinator?)

Anyway, thanks for the suggestion. No more excuses. It always comes back to just sitting down and getting the writing done, doesn't it?


Cherlyn Michaels Fri Sep 09, 12:16:00 PM EDT  

Yeah, I do remember the professional procrastinator comment. :-) Well, I hope you can work it out. But I think once you get started, you won't be able to stop. :-)

LaEquis Fri Sep 09, 12:51:00 PM EDT  

I like the premise of your 2nd book, but I'm not sure about the title. I've always loved long titles (COUNTING RAINDROPS was awesome). My 2nd novel is entitled, IN THE PICTURE I HAVE OF YOU, from a line in my favorite Sylvia Plath poem. But I understand the short title; my publisher explained that the marketing dept has good reasons for this.

Also wanted to tell you I admire your commitment to a writing schedule(!) I wish I was as dedicated. I'm working on my 3rd novel -- or rather I'm supposed to be working on it -- but so far, I can't get into it. And it isn't because the characters aren't speaking to me, it's just my procrastination rearing its ugly head again.

But you inspire me. I'm going to get better, starting today. Thanks!

Cherlyn Michaels Fri Sep 09, 01:16:00 PM EDT  

Hey Laequis,
Now THAT'S interesting about the preference for longer titles. You know, if I had listened to others before I self published, I would have found a different and shorter title for the first book. Before I published it, I got so many comments in the opposite direction. That I wouldn't sell because my title was too long. That I needed to shorten it because that's what publishers wanted. And I actually did try to shorten the first one, but couldn't find anything else to fit quite the same, so I kept it. And I'm glad I did. :-)

Thanks for the comments too. I know you'll stick to a writing schedule soon. Starting today. :-)

Court Fri Sep 09, 05:01:00 PM EDT  

Congratulations on your progress Cherlyn. The book sounds interesting. It's definitely something I would read. I can't wait for Counting Raindrops. I will most definitely give you my feedback. Have you thought about getting a message board?

TJBrown Sat Sep 10, 11:07:00 AM EDT  

COngrats on your goal. No way I met mine, but hey... we can't have everything.

Maybe over the weekend.

Butta Sat Sep 10, 02:19:00 PM EDT  

Hey Cherlyn! You outta braces yet? (wink)

Great premise for the next book and the title alone should give the novel legs. The marketing possibilities are gonna be outta this world. You go!

Shelia Sat Sep 10, 05:11:00 PM EDT  

Cherlyn, me and my friends used to frequent first fridays...that's one thing I miss about the big city.

Cherlyn Michaels Sat Sep 10, 11:41:00 PM EDT  

Hey Court,
Thanks! If you do decide to purchase my novel, I would love to hear what you think, no matter what. And, no, I hadn't thought about a discussion board. I had a guestbook once and got tired of removing spam. I'll look into the discussion board though. Thanks for the suggestion. :-)

Hey, ANY progress is progress, right? :-)

Hey Butta!
Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for the vote of confidence about the 2nd book and the title. I hope what you say is true! D-day is the 20th and I can't wait! My jaws are tired of being scraped and bruised. And I'll finally be able to take yours! :-)

Yeah, they can be interesting. I used to go a lot in Cleveland. I'm hoping to bring it to life and share it with those cities that aren't host cities.