Sunday, September 11, 2005

Ladies, put on your jerseys...just your jersey, m'am, just your jersey. LOL Don't have a jersey? Well, I guess you best be headin' on over to your favorite department store's LITTLE BOYS SECTION! If you've already read my book, you're feeling me right about now and you know what I'm talking about. LOL As I do my third and final revision, I'm kicking off my first football Sunday with the Fox pregame show, then, whoever is playing at noon, then the Rams at 3:15pm Central. Wish I could go tailgate or go to a sportsbar to watch, but I'll be able to do that next week!

Right on schedule! Finished the second draft last night. Whew!

I'm quite pleased with it. Honestly, I'd be comfortable printing it out right now and sending it in a couple of days early. But I'm not. After I finished last night, I still had enough energy (believe it or not) to outline a plan of attack for the next couple of days.

Over the next two days, I'm going to review the additional scenes that I've outline. I briefly did this last night. These are scenes that came into my head from nowhere while I was writing. And rather than go back and search and try to work it in immediately, I wrote it down for later. I already went through some of them and scratched them. While they may have been interesting, or funny (to me), they really did nothing to advance the plot. Maybe it'll fit in another story another time. But there's a couple of ideas there that I will fit in.

Then I'll go over each character one more time to make sure they're distinct and realistic. And finally, I want to go over the flow again and check for over used words.

Well, on with revision three---the final revision! :-)



Toy Styles, Author Sun Sep 11, 10:32:00 AM EDT  

I'm right along with you!!! I've been waiting for football season to began and am excited!!!! I have my little jersey all ready to go. And...congratulatios on your novel. I've heard nothing but EXCELLENT things about it!!!

Marcus Harris Sun Sep 11, 04:45:00 PM EDT  

Congratulations on all your recent progress, C. It's great to see your spirits staying high while you're getting all this great work done.

How did I NOT know that you were a huge football fan? I swear, if you aren't my twin soul, then I don't have one . . .

Cherlyn Michaels Sun Sep 11, 06:28:00 PM EDT  

Hey Toy,
Thanks for stopping by. Girl, isn't it something. Although I'm not feeling love right now. Rams are getting clobbered by the 49ers. THE 49ers??? LOL *SIGH*
Well, um, I'm hope you're able to find out for yourself whether what you've heard is true or not. ;-) THANKS!!!

Hey Marcus,
Okay, we can just cut the the quick here. Think of everything that you like, and just assume that I like it too! LOL
Yeah, I LOVE football. Now, I confess, that I can't quote stats like the gang that I watch Monday night football with. But when it comes to plays, I might know a little sumthin' sumthin'. LOL

TJBrown Mon Sep 12, 09:13:00 AM EDT  

Football was on all day here yesterday... I watched while finishing up chapter 7! (I am a bit excited about that one.

I love hearing about how you write! Thanks, very inspirational.