Friday, September 02, 2005

Didn't quite finish with the two chapters from yesterday, but chapter three was like double the average word length, so it was like completing two chapters by itself. Only have five pages to complete chapter four, so it's all good. Actually, I got stuck at a point much early in chapter four. Just couldn't find the flow. It wasn't extremely late, but I'd been writing six hours straight, so I gave myself a pat on the back for a good effort done, and decided to give my mind a break until the next day. I may not have even put the laptop down five minutes before creativity hit again for the spot that I was having trouble with. So, I pick up the laptop and tell myself to just write that part, then give it a rest. So, I do. But then I clearly feel what happens next. It's in my fingertips and I just have to get it out. So, of course, I do. Next thing I know, I'm typing for another couple of hours. I kept typing until the breaking point which was five pages before the end of chapter four. How cool?

Well, I'm about to drink and savor my morning coffee (especially savoring now because when I have to go back to Starbucks for another pound, the price may have gone up, IF they have the kind I like at all. They were out of Breakfast Blend, due to Katrina). Then I'm going to get my quota in so I can hang out at the Muddy Blues Festival! I'm getting excited just thinking about it. It's going to feel like a jailbreak!


Court Fri Sep 02, 11:49:00 AM EDT  

Have fun at the festival. You deserve to have some boogie time. I am sure you will still make that deadline as efficient as you work. Have a good weekend!!

Melissa Fri Sep 02, 12:07:00 PM EDT  

Congrats on all the writing! I'm so impressed! I'd love to have six hours of uninterupted time to write. Someday...when all the little ones are in school! Enjoy the Muddy Blues Festival!

TJBrown Sat Sep 03, 11:36:00 AM EDT  

Thanks for the book! Am so excited to read it:)

Cherlyn Michaels Sun Sep 04, 10:07:00 AM EDT  

Glad you received it. I so hope you enjoy it. THANKS!

Cherlyn Michaels Sun Sep 04, 10:10:00 AM EDT  

Didn't get to go yet. :-( Hoping I can go today. If not, there will be other events after I'm done. :-)

Yes, I feel blessed to be writing full-time where I can do this. It's so much better than trying to fit it writing with a job. And bless you writers who have children and still find time to write. I can imagine how preciouis writing time would be!