Monday, September 19, 2005

It's starting again. The "to-do" list is growing faster than I can get items complete. I'm back to creating and following a list again. I got ten items on the list today and praying that I can get through half of them. I'd hire an assistant, but I'm sure they'd want to get paid, and, well...

Okay, good news. I've been spotting several copies of my books in stores locally and I'm making my rounds. Hit a few stores this weekend. I went in to see if they were in stock and where they were located with plans to rearrange display areas, if necessary. :-) But, I didn't have to do that. Not yet. Store personnel can make you feel good. They always seem so elated when you stop by the store to ask if you can sign the copies of your book. Their eyes light up and their mouths drop as they grab the "autographed copy" stickers. And for just a second, you feel like you've done something special. LOL But seriously, it's a great opportunity to talk and greet store personnel. And, of course, I took it upon myself to greet anybody browsing the AA book session. I feel like I could run for office. I smiled, gave my card, shook hands, and introduced myself and my book. If anybody had a baby, I definitely would have taken him/her in my arms for a hug and a kiss. :-)

Okay, got lots to do. I need to come up with a lesson plan for a discussion on Plot Tension. I was invited to teach a session at the Pen to Paper Symposium in Dayton, OH the weekend of September 30th. Then, I need to finish a timeline for the St. Louis Writer's Studio, print, sign, and mail off a contract, create and send a special newsletter on book tour dates for this month, write a letter to a book club, and notify my newsletter contest winner and get address so I can mail free book. And that's just to get started and that's before I begin the promotion work for today. It's always a bunch of little stuff.

But first, I need to walk 'round the corner and down the street to Starbucks to get another half pound of Breakfast Blend. If I don't, nothing on this list will get done.

Yea! for the Cardinals who clinched the division on Saturday! And for the Rams who beat the defectees, the Arizona Cardinals and our former quarterback, Kurt Warner (even though he's a good guy.).


The Foxybrown Show Mon Sep 19, 08:56:00 AM EDT  

Ok so yesterday I met "The Charms" and today I'm wondering will I be able to purchase your book at the Barnes & Noble in Hoboken???

Let me know!

princessdominique Mon Sep 19, 02:16:00 PM EDT  

Girl isn't it a lovely feeling when they're actually happy to see you? Its almost as if their expressions change once they find out that you're not standing at the info desk with a question but actually want to help them move some stock! Get your breakfast blend and get that list done!

Court Mon Sep 19, 04:54:00 PM EDT  

Someone has celebrity status going on. lol You have worked hard; therefore, you deserve it.:-) I am going to try hard to get that book by the weekend.

Cherlyn Michaels Tue Sep 20, 06:52:00 AM EDT  

Hey Foxy,
Thanks for your support! ;-)

Yeah. It's like sunshine in the midst of a drizzle. Just comes from out of nowhere and makes you feel good. Um...still working on the list though.

Thanks for the comments. Hey, let me know if you're able to get it, and what you think once you read it. I'd love to hear from you!