Thursday, September 22, 2005

Okay, nothing got accomplished, book-wise, yesterday. However, I drove to my orthodontist in Erlanger, KY yesterday and finally....THE BRACES ARE OFF!!! And I've been smiling all night, and all morning long. Even smiled in my sleep. You know Bob's smile in the Viagra-like commercials (can't remember if that's his name or the name of the product), well, my smile is bigger than his now! LOL Now I can take some photos that my publisher and agent will actually like. They wanted me to smile more, but I didn't want my braces to show.

But anyway, I got a lot to catch up on because I only have a couple more days before I head to Baltimore. Got to get to cracking. It's going to be another long day. But I'll be smiling through it all as my tongue keeps molesting my teeth. Now that the bars and wires have been removed, it can't seem to keep its buds to itself. :-)


Marcus Harris Thu Sep 22, 10:47:00 AM EDT  

Congrats, C!!! I'm happy that you're happy! Sounds like this will be a great morale-booster for you, and I hope it springs you into even more productivity.

Keep up the great work!

princessdominique Thu Sep 22, 01:05:00 PM EDT  

Girl you need to do a Pepsodent commercial now! I can't wait to see some photos!