Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Back from Atlanta! Had a great time bringing in the New Year with friends. The drive was pretty cool too. Devil in a Blue Dress was a great road story. I'm still listening to The Price of a Child. Although I'm going to finish it to the end, I'm not too crazy about it. I can't get a feel for the characters or the time frame. It's supposed to be set in the 1850's and the main character obtains her freedom when her master passes through Philadelphia and she ends up leaving her newborn, who is still at home on the plantation. But the characters speak perfect English (better than some kids today), I can't get a feel of the time frame from the story, and I don't feel any emotion. The story is a little flat to me. But, I'm going to stick it out since it's audio.

Resolutioin time! Yes, I do make resolutions. I'm still mulling them over, so I'll be back to jot them down. Fun, fun! :-)