Saturday, January 12, 2008

It was a busy week. Had a few non-job, non-writer things going on, but I got through them, AND STILL wrote. Yay! At this point, if I'm able to write for an hour during the week, I'm satisfied. My biggest writing times are the weekends. Fridays are my off-days. No writing (unless I'm just dying to), no working out. Fridays after work are now for going out with the team, going out with the club, going somewhere to read, or like last night, going home to sleep. LOL I think I went to bed at about 8PM last night. I know. Single and such a bore. LOL

So I'm very much alert this morning and I'm about to go to the gym, then to Panera's to write. After that, my motorcycle club is going to hangout and go bowling. And before then, I have to prepare my excuses as to why they're beating me badly. See, at everything, I have a tendency to do much trash talking behind my Mogul. I text them about being punks and how my skills (at whatever) are more superior and that basically, there is no reason for them to go on living because they will never measure up to me. You know, something like that. You name it, basketball (well, I did play for two years in highschool....pont guard), football (I have Poweder Puff experience), baseball (I worked at Busch Stadium during baseball season back in the day), bowling (uh....I dreamed a high score????), pool (sat my ass on a pool table once and absorbed skills through osmosis), etc.

So, I'll think up excuses while on the elliptical trainer. :-)