Thursday, January 03, 2008

I've been mulling over what resolutions I want to make this year. I like resolutions, as I believe they help me to focus on things I want to improve. I don't have any bad habits that I want to break, but there are things I'd like to do better. My resolutions are social. I think it's high time that I move beyond the phone with the texting and emailing, and me...actually TALK to my friends. Ahhhh. There. I said it. TALK. Last time I checked, I did about 3500 texts a month. Okay, I'm not going go overboard and say I want to reduce the amount of texting I do, but I want to start adding in actual conversations. At least 10 minutes. At least on the weekends. Hey, it's a start!

And I'm going to try to socialize more. I doubt I'll ever be a social butterfly. I'm a private person and I have no desire for that. But I can afford to loosen up a bit, approach others and strike up a conversation, and heck, maybe even accept an invitation to go out once in awhile. LOL

In addition to my resolutions, I do have things on my "to do" list for the year. Of course, writing. I'd like to complete 2 novels, tidy up my current short stories as well as write one more. At the end of last year, I started reading/writing on a daily basis again and I'd like to keep it up.

I'd like to take off 15 pounds. This was slated for last year, and I achieved it, but, of course, I gained ten back at the end of the year. At this rate, I'll meet and maintain my goal by 2011. LOL

And I believe this will be the year that I actually go skydiving. It's been on the list for more than 5 years now. But now, I think I finally have the time and I got buddies. I'm going with my office mates! We're planning on June. :-) I'll be sure to post the video. ;-)