Thursday, January 31, 2008

I had to suddenly take a little time off. I experiences two lives cut short, way before their time. My nephew at 15 months and a fellow biker who died of a heart attach at 26. Things like this can cause you to be very reflective. We all expect to see death and know we're going to experience death. But when we see it before we think it's time and we don't understand why, we can spend much time wondering and thinking about it. With each passing, expected, or unexpected, it draws my thoughts closer to my family and friends. I mentally went through the list of people I haven't talked to in a while because I've been busy and vowed to touch base periodically. It made me reflect even more on my purpose and doing what I want to do. It made me change my schedule. Yes, since I've gotten my body adjusted to the new sleeping schedule, I still get up at 3AM, but I'm putting writing first. :-) And I'm working out in the afternoon. I'm on track.

And the workout is working. Yay! This morning was my first weigh in and I lost pounds and inches. Getting ready for summer! :-) The clothes are loosening up again and I'm motivated to keep on going. And, of coiurse, this time, I'm promising myself that once I get where I want to be, I'm going to maintain and get out of that circle of losing it for the summer, then gaining it back in the fall. LOL

Great news!!!!! Someone enjoyed my artlcle writing at so much that he recommended me to his friend, the publisher of The Black Biker Magazine. It started out as a West Coast mag, went national, and now he just got national distribution and is looking for another writer. He said he LOVED my writing and wanted me to write for his mag. I'm so excited!!!! It's quarterly, so my first article should appear in it in the June issue. It really feels great to be able to combine my first loves: writing and riding. Now, gotta work on getting a new bike that I can lower so I don't have to ride in 5 1/2-inch stillettos! :-)

Hey check out my post on January 30th on Blogging In Black. Yesterday, I wrote about Honing Your Craft. Hope you enjoy it. :-)


Carleen Brice Sat Feb 02, 01:56:00 PM EST  

Cherlyn, I'm sorry to hear of your losses! Especially your little nephew! I wish peace for his parents and all your family.

Rose Sun Feb 03, 03:29:00 PM EST  

Hi Cherlyn
Sorry to hear about your losses. Losing a child is so devastating. I actually just went to a young friends' and co-workers 19 month old son's death. (he was a preemie, whose lungs never fully developed) That was so hard. But be lifted by praying for the families.

Shelia Mon Feb 11, 04:24:00 AM EST  

Cherlyn, sorry to hear about your loss. When things like that happen, it does make you reflect and priortize what's important and what's not.